Global Kindness Foundation
Alaiya and Riyaz Dharamshi
Hygienist and Software Development Manager

Location: Canada

Mission: Cambodia 2014

My husband and I travelled to Cambodia in December 2013 for our first dental mission with GKF. Although I have a background in the dental field, my husband does not and needless to say, he was a little worried about what he would do to keep busy!

However, it quickly became apparent that dental experience was not a necessary requirement to be of immeasurable service to those in need. Through the experience, kindness and dedication of the organizers, lifelong bonds began to form and everyone was put to work as soon as we arrived in the village, setting up our mobile clinic. The environment was filled with love, encouragement and learning.

Whether you are assigned to triage the many smiling children patiently waiting for their turn, assisting the dental professionals, or providing help with sterilization, post operative care and education, you become an integral part of the GKF family.

We highly recommend joining GKF for their many medical/dental missions. Whether you have field experience or not, you will not regret this experience of a lifetime!