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India Project

In February 2016, Hasnain Dewji, Fatemah Dewji, Atifahuda Dewji and Fauzia Kara went on a scouting trip to India. They visited over 17 schools all over the country. Based on this scouting trip, plans were made for our first mission to Bhavnagar as well as a long term plan for India.

GKF has hired a full time dentist in India that will be working out of a permanent clinic based in the Unity College in Lucknow. The school has over 5000 students with an additional 2000 students in rural schools. By hiring a local dentist and training them to a higher level of care, the hope is that we can raise the level of dental awareness and also identify and provide treatment to those individuals that need specialized care. The long term plan is to send a Pediatric dental specialist to the school on a regular basis to treat specialty cases and follow up on the quality of care being provided. The budget for this project is approximately $25,000 USD per year.


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